BAT for tubes

Delaware based Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) has launched its long-awaited VK80i all-tube integrated amplifier.


The VK80i comes in silver or stealthy black

This new amp is based around triode-balanced architecture with fuse-less protection and automatic-bias circuits, deployed by the brand’s REX 3 power amplifier design.

Offering 55 watts per side, the VK80i uses 6C33C-B tubes arranged in a fully balanced topology which allows the VK80i to deliver enough current to drive even difficult low-impedance speaker loads.

Internals of the BATVK80i

The feature list includes a full tube complement of four 6SN7 and four 6C33C-B tubes, four inputs (including balanced), taps for varying speaker loads and an accompanying remote control.

BAT VK80i rear panel

Priced at £9,995, the VK80i is available from September 2021. Visit BAT’s website and Karma AV in the UK to find out more.


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