HiFi Rose

HiFi Rose 280

Fresh bloom

HiFi Rose’s 280 integrated set for UK release.

HiFi Rose RS130

New seed

HiFi Rose reveals its RS130 network streaming transport.

HiFi Rose RS250A silver

New bloom

HiFi Rose announces its new RS250A network player.

HiFi Rose RS520

Full bloom

HiFi Rose unveils its RS520 all-in-one network player.

HiFi Rose RA180 detail

Different class

HiFi Rose’s RA180 Class AD amp released in the UK.

Henley Audio visit

We head to Henley Audio to explore some of the latest affordable and cutting-edge kit.

HiFi Rose RS250

HiFi Rose’s RS250 network player launches in the UK

HiFi Rose’s RS250 network streamer now available in the UK.