HiFi Rose RA180 detail

Different class

HiFi Rose is bringing its stunning looking RA180 stereo integrated amplifier to UK shores.

Described as a ‘next generation’ Class AD (meaning ‘Advanced D’) amp, the RA180 employs Gallium Nitride FETs instead of a silicon FET for more secure and accurate switching speed compared to ‘standard’ Class D topologies.

With 800W on tap from four internal amp modules that can support bridged loads or bi-amping speaker connections, it looks to be a highly flexible powerhouse.

Other key features include an internal MM/MC phono stage, bypassable tone controls, balanced inputs, subwoofer connections and retro themed dimmable VU meters for added visual drama.

The RA180 costs £5,499, find out more at HiFi Rose and Henley Audio in the UK.


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