Meze Audio

Meze Liric

Better lirics

Meze takes its closed-back cans to the next level.

Meze Empyrean II

Get ahead

Meze Audio introduces its Empyrean II planar magnetic headphones.

Meze Audio Advar

Ear gems

Meze Audio announces its new Advar in ear monitors.

Meze Elite headphones

Meze Elite Isodynamic Hybrid Array headphones review

No compromise Isodynamic headphones that raise the bar for private listening.

Meze Audio Liric

Listen for Liric

Meze Audio launches its first closed-back portable planar magnetic headphone.

Meze Elite headphones

Elite sqaud

Meze Audio announces the Elite Isodynamic Hybrid Array, its most advanced planar magnetic headphone.

landscape by Meze

Spotlight on Meze Audio

As a leading light in hi-end headphones, we chat to the man behind the cans Antonio Meze.