McIntosh C12000 Preamplifier

Coming from America

McIntosh has unveiled its new twin chassis C12000 Preamplifier, offering solid state and valve powered outputs.

McIntosh C12000 front panels

Preamplifier Module

The C12000 Preamplifier Module houses the audio connections and circuits, with left and right channels electrically and mechanically isolated for true dual-mono operation. Inputs are well served with 12 analogue options on offer, spread over six balanced, four unbalanced and two phono sockets.

There’s also a high-output headphone jack utilising McIntosh’s user-selectable Headphone Crossfeed Director (HXD) tech.

Controller Module

The C12000 Controller Module is home to all the power controls, data ports and external control connections with dual isolated power supplies driving the left and right channels.

McIntosh C12000 rear panels

With programmable inputs offering adjustable capacitance and resistance-loading for a variety of cartridges,  the internal phono stage is built around two 12AX7A valves per side, in a fully balanced configuration.

Joining the two units together are high-performance umbilical cables, designed to prevent outside noise from leaking into the audio signal. And for the icing on the amplifier cake,  the preamp offers both valve and solid-state outputs for greater flexibility when partnering with other separates.

Prices and availability

Shipping is expected to begin in early 2022 and prices are £8,495 per unit or £16,990 for both boxes. Visit McIntosh Labs to find out more.


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