Californian hi-end loudspeaker masters Magico LLC, has announced its new Titan 15 statement subwoofer.

Featuring dual-opposed 15 inch force cancelling drivers in a sealed aluminium enclosure, the Titan claims to reach beyond the bandwidth of human hearing (>20Hz) into infrasonic levels.

Magico Titan 15 internals

Inside Magico’s Titan 15 sub

Its new newly developed drivers use stiff aluminium cones and 4 inch high-temperature voice coils, attached to custom tooled 10 inch dual progressive spiders, giving 1.6 inches of linear travel in either direction.

Magico Titan's 15" drive units

Magico Titan’s 15″ drive units

The Titan 15’s enclosure is also home to two 3200W Class D amps, governed by an electronic crossover and Magico designed DSP control centre, allowing users to calibrate and tailor the sub into their wider system and listening space.

Priced at £38,998 and available from 2022, find out more at and Absolute Sounds in the UK.