McIntosh MQ112

Get equal

McIntosh has revealed its new MQ112 Environmental Equaliser.

Billed as a sophisticated stereo tuning add on, it gives listeners the option adjust audio signal levels over a ±12dB range at eight key bands between 25Hz and 10kHz.

Considered as an electronic alternative to endless room tweaking and speaker placement adjustment, the MQ112 allows the audio signals passing through it to be tweaked for any given listening space, while also compensating for imperfections in vintage or poor quality recordings.

There’s also a TILT circuit allowing for tonal balance adjustments of ±6dB to boost bass or treble across the entire frequency range.

McIntosh MQ112 rear panel

With balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs, the MQ112 connects between a pre and power amplifier, while a second pair of outputs allows for connection to two separate stereo systems, bi-amped between a single pair of speakers, or up to two subwoofers.

And in more intricate stereo systems, the MQ112 can be connected through processor loops or tape monitor record/play connections to finesse signals as required.

Priced at £3,745, find out more at McIntosh Labs and Fine Sounds in the UK.


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