MoFi UltraGold MC cartridge

Going for UltraGold

Mobile Fidelity (or MoFi to the rest of us) is set to delight vinyl fans with the launch of its new UltraGold moving coil phono cartridge. Precision crafted in Japan and voiced by none other than Spiral Groove founder Allen Perkins, the UltraGold MC sports a nude Shibata profile diamond stylus attached to a boron cantilever with a neodymium magnet and Permendur yoke, all housed within an ultra-low resonance aluminium/brass case.

Pre-threaded holes in the UltraGold MC’s top surface are there to aid installation

Weighing 7.3g, with a recommended 100ohm load and 0.4mV output voltage, this new MC pick-up joins the brand’s three-strong moving magnet models and costs £1,499.

Visit MoFi’s website and Karma AV in the UK to find out more.


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