Sonus faber Sumpremo

Loudspeaker luxury

Italian loudspeaker specialist Sonus faber has announced what it describes as a groundbreaking loudspeaker system, marking its 40th anniversary.

Titled the Suprema, it features two main columns, twin subwoofers and an electronic crossover that’s billed as representing the future of the iconic audio brand.

Formed from a combination of wood, carbon fibre, CNC machined aluminium and luxury leather, Suprema’s four columns are an intentional nod to the brand’s heritage, with its two main columns featuring a lute shape, nodding back to its first Guarneri loudspeaker.

In contrast, its two subwoofers sport an elliptical shape, inspired by the Stradivari which help them accommodate twin large transducers and their energy impact.

Suprema single pair

Each Suprema main column is a four-way sealed box system with four 8″ front-firing and two rear-firing drivers. Elsewhere its new 6.5″ Camila midrange unit sports a cellulose pulp diaphragm, working with a 38mm silk dome mid tweeter 20mm super tweeter.

Sitting in their own dedicated enclosures, each subwoofer hosts two front firing 38cm carbon fibre sandwich cones capable of handling up to 2000W of amplification, with a decoupling system developed in conjunctions with IsoAcoustics.

Priced at an equally supreme £695, 000, find out more at


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