Rotel Michi X5 feature pic

Make way for Michi

Rotel is taking its flagship Michi amplifier series to the next level with its new Series 2 models.

Featuring a wide range of component upgrades across the X3 Series 2 Integrated Amplifier, X5 Series 2 Integrated Amplifier and P5 Series 2 Stereo Preamplifier, all now also come packing ultra-high precision 8-channel 32-bit 768kHz ESS SABRE ES9028PRO DACs.

Their power supplies and audio circuitry have been reengineered too, for lower noise with optimised signal paths.

Rotel Michi X3

Delivering 350W into 4 ohms, the X3 Series 2 hosts a raft of analog and digital (including PC-USB) inputs, plus support for MQA, PCM and DSD data alongside wireless aptX HD Bluetooth. Vinyl fans can rest easy thanks to a moving-magnet phono stage.

Rotel X5 Michi internals

Michi’s X5 Series 2 goes up a gear with 600W of Class AB power on tap into 4 ohms, powered by dual in-house manufactured oversized, shielded, low-noise toroidal transformers. With over 95 component changes, the X5’s inputs caters for data up to 32-bit\384kHz PCM and DSD 4X, while the phono stage gets a moving-coil input.

Rotel Michi P5 rear panel

The P5 Series 2 Preamplifier gets 125 component upgrades with its dual DACs specially adapted to mono mode, while dual transformers isolate the digital and analog power supply feeds.

Prices begin at £5,999 for the X3 Series 2 Integrated, rising to £8,199 for the X5 Series 2 Integrated, with the P5 Series 2 Preamp costing £4,999.

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