Copland CTA407

Denmark’s finest

Danish amplifier specialist Copland has announced its latest flagship amplifier, the CTA407.

A valve-based design built around two matched pairs of 6550 output devices and rated at 50W per channel in high-biased Class A/AB mode, the CTA407 has been engineered to deliver the bulk of its musical muscle in Class A state.

Copland CTA407 internals

The amp is also compatible with KT88, KT90, KT100, KT120 and KT150 valves, with automatic adjustment between valve types. With five line-level inputs, it also offers an internal phono stage for both moving-magnet and moving-coil cartridge types.

Available with a black or silver front panel, the Copland CTA407 integrated stereo valve amplifier costs £6,500. Find out more at and Absolute Sounds in the UK.


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