Sound Design Distribution is set to bring Halcro’s groundbreaking Eclipse ultra-low noise amplifiers to UK shores.

Designed by physicist and audio expert Bruce Candy to challenge the lower limits of distortion, Halcro’s original DM58 amp met with universal acclaim back 2001.

After five generations of evolution, Halcro’s Eclipse stereo and mono amps boast a dozen fundamental concepts that set them apart from conventional amps including the brand’s universal power factor corrected (UPFC) power supply and amplifier topology, plus substantial shielding and separation for the power supply and audio circuits.

Halcro Eclipse Stereo amp

Housed in elegant pillars for the power supply, an input amplifier section, power amp and output filter, twelve MOSFETS provide 180/350W into 8 and 4Ω loads respectively in the Stereo model, rising to a hefty 300/550W  (8/4Ω) for the Mono variants.

The Eclipse Stereo costs £40,000 in powdercoat finish and £46,000 in Signature premium paint finish.

The Eclipse Mono cost £60,000 per pair, with the Eclipse Mono Signature at £72,000 per pair.

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