Naim Classic range

New classics

Wiltshire’s finest audio maker, Naim, is seeing in its 50th year in style with a trio of products to kicking off new Classic hifi range. Comprised of the NSC 222 streaming preamp, NAP 250 power amp and NPX 300 power supply, all costing £5,700 each.

Naim NSC222

The NSC 222 supports streaming services from the usual suspects including Spotify, TIDAL, Qobuz and more plus AirPlay, Chromecast and internet radio, alongside turntable and headphone connectivity, with the latter lifted from the brand’s Atom Headphone Edition.

Naim NAP 250

The NAP 250 is the latest iteration of the brand’s longstanding iconic power amp, first launched in 1975 and features trickle down tech from Naim’s flagship Statement amp, with 100W per channel on offer.

Taking the duo to the next level, the NPX 300 power supply replaces each model’s internal PSUs to claim cleaner power and a reduced noise floor.

Find out more at Naim Audio.


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