Aragon Tungsten

Precious metal

Indianapolis based Indy Audio Labs has announced the arrival of its Aragon Tungsten preamplifier.

The latest edition to Aragon’s premium Elements Collection, the two-channel Tungsten is designed to be partnered with Aragon’s matching 200W Titanium dual monoblock or 400W Iridium single monoblock power amplifiers.

Aragon Tungsten preamplifier

The Tungsten preamp caters for both single-ended and balanced analog inputs and outputs alongside digital inputs shared over RCA, optical and HDMI, feeding an internal DAC that caters for up to 24-bit/192kHz signals.  There’s also MM/MC phono stage, tri-amp capability and an analog bypass option as part of the feature list.

Find out more about the Tungsten preamp and partnering power amps on Aragon’s website.


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