McIntosh MR89 AM/FM tuner

Radio friendly

Analogue radio fans are in for a treat thanks to US audio giants McIntosh, which has announced its new MR89 AM/FM tuner.

McIntosh MR89 AM/FM tuner

It comes packed with the brand’s radio frequency (RF) circuitry that’s designed to receive both strong FM signals from nearby stations while avoiding the overload and distortion, and weaker transmissions signals while minimising unwanted noise and interference.

McIntosh MR89 AM/FM tuner

Other features include balanced and unbalanced analogue outputs alongside digital coaxial and optical, plus FM Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS) display, a seek function and over 20 presets for your favourite AM and FM stations.

Priced at £6,800, find out more at McIntosh and Fine Sounds in the UK.


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