Japanese luxury audio brand Luxman has pulled back the curtain on a new range of retro styled separates with its new M-10X stereo power amplifier, L-507Z integrated amp and PD-151 MKII turntable.

Luxman M-10X power amp

Loaded with the brand’s ‘LIFES’ (Luxman Integrated Feedback Engine System) tech, which replaces the the company’s ODNF circuitry, the M-10X power amp is rated at 150W per channel into 8 ohms and can generate 2x1200W (1 ohm) of instantaneous power. It also operates in pure Class A up to 12W and boasts retro VU meters alongside balanced inputs.

Luxman L-507Z integrated amp

The L-507Z is Luxman’s first integrated amp from its new ‘Z’ generation and also incorporates LIFES, with a rated output of 110W per channel into 8 ohms. It also sports retro VU meters, headphone output, line-level, balanced and phono inputs.

Luxman PD-151 MKII turntable

Originally introduced back in 2018 in MKI guise, the periphery belt driven PD-151 MKII deck hosts a 4kg aluminium platter, newly designed brushless DC motor and new S-shaped tonearm with ‘knife edge’ bearing technology.

Prices are £16,000 for the M-10X, £8,000 for the L-507Z and £5,000 for the PD-151 MKII. Find out more at Luxman.com and Absolute Sounds in the UK.