Audiolab 7000 Series

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Building on the foundations of its entry-level 6000 Series and tech from its flagship 9000 Series, Audiolab has announced its new 7000 Series, comprised of the the 7000A integrated amplifier, 7000CDT CD transport and 7000N Play network audio player.

Audiolab 7000A

7000A integrated amp

Priced at £1,099 the 7000A features a larger (64x48mm) full colour display than its 6000A brethren, that can be tailored to show volume level (via analogue or digital style VU meters), input selection or format data.

At its heart beats a 2x70W (into 8 ohms) Class AB amp and ES9038Q2M Sabre DAC catering for files up to 32-bit/768kHz PCM and DSD 64/128/256/512, plus full MQA decoding and five playback filters to choose from.

Digital inputs include S/PDIF, USB and HDMI while analogue fans won’t been left wanting thanks to three line-level and one moving-magnet type phono input for turntable users.

Streaming support includes aptX HD Bluetooth and Roon Tested certification and if that’s enough, there’s also a 6.3mm headphone socket included, reinforcing the Audiolab ethos of all bases covered.

Audiolab 7000CDT

7000CDT CD transport

The partnering 7000CDT CD transport costs £549 and also features a large GUI (graphical user interface) colour display plus a high-quality tray-loading mechanism, housed in its own electromagnetically shielded enclosure, incorporating a high-precision optical system and low-friction loading tray.

Inside the 7000CDT sits an enhanced power supply and output circuit with higher quality toroidal transformer (compared to the 6000CDT). The 7000CDT’s master clock is controlled by a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator to ensure low levels of jitter for its coaxial and optical digital outputs.

Audiolab 7000N Play

7000N Play network player

Also priced at £549, the 7000N Play network player continues the GUI display screen which can show your chosen streaming service, track details, format/sample rate and even VU meter for real time signal levels and balance.

The 7000N Play boasts the versatility of the DTS Play-Fi wireless audio platform with an upgraded ES9038Q2M DAC chip (in place of the 6000N’s ES9018K2M Sabre32 chip). Streaming is served up via the Play-Fi app, which gives access to platforms including Tidal, Spotify, Amazon Music, Qobuz and Deezer and you can also stream via Spotify Connect or Apple AirPlay 2.

All models are available black or silver finishes, find out more about the 7000 Series at


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