Perlisten Reference detail

Get ready for Reference

Karma-AV is introducing Perlisten’s prestigious Reference speaker series to the UK.

Based on a similar design blueprint to the brand’s flagship ‘S’ Series, the ‘R’ Series includes key design elements Perlisten has developed over five years with transducers, electronics and software developed entirely in-house. Its proprietary technologies include a Directivity Pattern Control (DPC) array, comprised of a wave-guided dome tweeter flanked by twin midrange diaphragms that’s engineered within a single unit, to generate more accurate and natural dispersion and coherence from 1kHz-30kHz.

Perlisten R models

L-R: Perlisten’s R5m, R7t and R4b models (not to scale)

This DPC configuration with three 26mm silk domes is at the heart of the new ‘R’ models which includes the R7t four-way tower and R5t three-way towers, a stand-mount R5m monitor and matching R5c centre model, a three-way R4s angled surround/height design and a bookshelf version.

Prices are expected to range from £8,100 per pair for the R7t to £1,600 each for the R4s model.

Find out more at and Karma-AV in the UK.


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