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Spotlight on AVID HiFi

Utterly dedicated to the art of analogue is a fitting description for Huntington based AVID HiFi. With 30 years in the game, it’s carved out a reputation like few others for a relentless pursuit of no-compromise hifi.

Conrad Mas

Conrad Mas, AVID Founder and Head Honcho

We sit down with company Founder Conrad Mas to understand what gets his platter spinning and hear about AVID’s dedication to audio.

What makes AVID unique in hi-end audio – what do you pride yourselves on doing differently?

Conrad replies: “Unlike many companies that start with budget-friendly products featuring design constraints and compromises, then expand their product line with those compromises baked-in, AVID instead takes a top-down approach. Designing without limitations or compromises is undoubtedly costly and time-consuming, but scaling down to lower price points without inherent compromises proves more rewarding.

“This approach has become ingrained in our company ethos, resulting in distinctive solutions for mitigating unwanted vibration, innovative bearing design, unconventional suspension design, distinctive loudspeaker damping, and original electronic circuit designs. The emphasis on uniqueness permeates our entire product line, all aimed at delivering high-fidelity sound that creates an unforgettable listening experience.”

Conrad with speaker

“Added to this, AVID manufactures and hand builds everything in house, our commitment to excellence driving every aspect of our manufacturing process. From precision engineering to meticulous handcrafting, we spare no effort in creating products that exceed expectations.

“Each AVID creation embodies the pinnacle of British engineering and craftsmanship, delivering unmatched performance and an unforgettable listening experience.”

Avid assembly

What led to the development of your tonearm range and why now?

“While tonearms have long been a part of our plans, we previously enjoyed a longstanding and successful relationship with a well-known tonearm supplier.

“However, following changes in its ownership, we expedited our own plans. In hindsight, this transition has proved beneficial, as our manufacturing capabilities have significantly advanced, enabling us to design a superior product compared to our previous offerings.”

What were your design aims when you set out to make these arms – what makes them different?

“Adhering to our consistent design ethos across all products, we implemented pathways to efficiently redirect harmful vibrations away, while preserving structural integrity to enhance cartridge performance. By eschewing unnecessary components attached to the tonearm, we have eradicated extraneous sources of vibration.

“Our bias mechanism ingeniously offsets the inherent centripetal forces affecting the cartridge, gradually intensifying as the cartridge approaches the record centre.”

Inside Avid amps

It’s 2024 and we’re here talking about new turntable products 🙌.

Why do you think vinyl has bucked all the predictions and remained so popular and highly regarded?

“Actually, I have a conspiracy theory about that! (Rooted in insider information from within the record industry.) I predict that vinyl sales will continue to surge, leading to significantly enhanced profits for the big three record labels and artists compared to streaming services.

“Beyond the typical “warmer sound” remarks, which often pertain to inferior quality vinyl with noticeable coloration, experiencing coloration-free vinyl reproduction on a hi-end system is truly remarkable. It surpasses any digital format by a wide margin.”

Your products are very much in the hi-end analogue camp, with now a full system on offer by AVID.

Are there any plans for you to dip your toe into digital products?

“The simple answer is no! Our objective is to create products with superior sound quality. While we appreciate the convenience of digital products in today’s society, the digital format would be a regression for a company dedicated to achieving the highest level of musical reproduction. Additionally, those who advocate digital formats likely haven’t experienced the excellence of a truly high-quality analogue system.”

Avid decks

What music’s currently gracing your platter?

“If you were betting on some classically inspired recording or an obscure female hi-fidelity artist, sorry to disappoint! Today, we’re vibing to Jain’s album ‘Zanaka’, getting down with Groove Armada’s ‘Lovebox’ and chilling out to the soothing tunes of Boris Blank’s ‘Convergence.’ Because who needs predictability when you’ve got eclectic tastes and a playlist as diverse as the holiday leftovers in the fridge?”

Find out more about AVID HiFi and its rich history.


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