Vertere Acoustics has announced a range of improvements to its multi-award-winning Phono-1 MKII, MM/MC phono stage.

The new Phono-1 MKII L claims improved performance thanks to a new gold-plated L-shaped printed circuit board and easier access to its custom DIP switches.

Vertere Phono-1 MKII L internals

Its linear power supply has been moved to the main PCB for an optimised track and ground plane layout while signal tracks are of equal length, with lower impedances and track widths adjusted to direct current flow.

Its three position grounding switch with hard/lift/soft configurations remains alongside options for 15 input impedances, 9 capacitance and 10 gain settings.

Available in orange, silver or black, the Phono-1 MKII L costs £1,350, visit to find out more.