Zap happy

Russ Andrews has unveiled the RJ45 MiniZap noise reduction plug, as the latest in its MiniZap noise reduction accessories line.

Designed to plug into an unused RJ45 port on a router, network switch, TV, streamer or DAC, the MiniZap claims to absorb and dissipate RF and EMI spikes caused by AC supplies. It does this through working at RF and super high frequencies to reduce the impact of unwanted noise spikes in the audio bandwidth, without affecting the audio frequencies.

Russ Andrew's RJ45 MiniZap

Packing four MiniZap filters inside a custom designed rear housing, the unit connects via a quality Telegartner locking RJ45 plug.

Available now from Russ Andrews Accessories, the RJ45 MiniZap costs £289 and comes with a 25-year warranty. Find out more at russandrews.com.



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