Magico S3

A kind of Magico

Californian hi-end loudspeaker leaders Magico has unveiled its new S3 loudspeaker, as a replacement for the existing S3 MKII.

Despite it being similar in appearance, every element of the outgoing S3 MKII has been revised for the new S3, including adopting tech from the brand’s £1m M9 flagship.

Magico S3 internals

A three-way design, the S3 sports a 1.1″ diamond coated beryllium coated tweeter, 5” Gen 8 midrange driver and twin 9” Gen 8 bass drivers, all housed in a substantial aluminium enclosure, weighing in at 100kg.

Available in either powder coated M-Cast textured finishes in black, pewter, silver or bronze for £56,998 per pair, or high-gloss painted M-Coat finishes in black, titanium, pearl white, orange, blue or candy red for £66,000, the new S3 will begin shipping in early 2023.

Find out more at Magico and Absolute Sounds in the UK.


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