iFi GO Bar Kensei

Blue steel

Fi Audio has peeled back the wrapping on the latest edition to its GO range.

Named the GO Bar Kensei, with its moniker inspired by Japanese swordsmanship, it’s the first ultraportable DAC to be fitted with with K2HD technology.

Developed by JVC’s sound engineers this tech works to restore music to its original master through advanced processing.

iFi GO Bar Kensei in silver

Inside its Japanese stainless steel rigid body lie four digital filters catering for files up to 384kHz, DSD256 and full MQA.

It also offers two expert analogue processing modes​, and output modes for various headphones, including ‘Turbo’ for power hungry cans, and IEMatch for sensitive in ear monitors.

Delivering up to 475mW of continuous power, an enhanced clock and power supply circuitry means it surpasses the original GO Bar by some way, while boasting 3.5mm S-Bal and 4.4mm Balanced outputs.​

Priced at £449, visit iFi Audio to find out more.


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