Get more ZEN

iFi Audio announces updated versions of its compact DAC and phono stage.

iFi GO Bar Kensei

Blue steel

iFi Audio unwraps its sword inspired GO Bar Kensei portable headphone DAC.

Best of 2023 badge

Our picks of 2023’s best hifi

The year’s best hifi for value, user experience and above all sound quality.

iFi Daiblo 2

Devilish device

iFi Audio unleashes its Diablo 2 headphone DAC.

ifi hip-dac 3

Get hip

iFi Audio lifts the lid on its latest pocket sized headphone DAC.

ifi iCan Phantom

Canned up

iFi Audio lifts the lid on its iCAN Phantom headphone amp.

iFi Audio GO pods

Ear power

iFi Audio unveils its GO pod earbud amps.

ifi ZEN Phono and ZEN Air Phono stages review

Great value phono stages that perform well beyond their price tags.

Ifi Uno

Pocket rocket

Introducing Uno, a bargain DAC/headphone amp from iFi .

IfI Neo Stream front panel

Desktop dancer

Ifi Audio reveals its Neo Stream music player.

iFi GOld bar

High bar

iFi Audio unveils its new top-of-the-line GO bar USB DAC/headphone amp.

iFi Audio Zen Air range

ZEN for value

iFi audio scores a winner for value with its Zen Air range.

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