ifi iCan Phantom

Canned up

iFi Audio has lifted the lid on its new flagship dedicated analogue headphone amplifier.

The iCAN Phantom, which can also be used as a preamp, features the brand’s PureWavePRO fully differential balanced circuit design for ultra-low distortion, with two separate input stages allowing users to switch between solid state and GE 5670 vacuum tubes on the fly.

ifi iCan Phantom rear panel

Boasting 15,000mW, it also offers plenty of grunt to drive even the most demanding headphone loads with a capacitive battery power supply to remove AC and switching noise from the signal path, plus iESL energiser tech for electrostatic cans, with six individual data cards for precise bias voltage setting.

The iCAN Phantom is the brand’s first model to to support iFi’s new Nexus network-connected control system.

Priced at £3,749 find out more at iFi Audio.


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