Four on the floor

US loudspeaker brand Klipsch has announced its foray into subwoofer territory with new models, designed to accompany its Reference Premiere loudspeakers.

The range consists of four powered models spearheaded by the flagship RP-1600SW at £1,849, which boasts a 16-inch woofer with 1600W of peak power.

Next up is the RP-1400SW at £1,399, that sports a 14-inch woofer with 1000W of peak power.

Klipsch new Reference Premiere subwoofer in home

The RP-1200SW at £1,099.00 get a 12-inch woofer with 800W peak power while the RP-1000SW at £899 packs a 10-inch woofer with 600W peak power.

All models use a front-firing spun copper Cerametallic woofers married to high-efficiency amplifiers features analogue preamps and Class D output stages.

Their RCA and WA-2 wireless inputs can be used simultaneously, allowing each sub to connect to multiple speaker systems in a room.

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