Western Electric 91E

Way out West

UK based hi-end Audio distributor Absolute Sounds is bringing Western Electric, America’s oldest audio company, to UK shores with its new 91E valve amp set to take centre stage.

Founded in 1869 (seven years before Edison set up his laboratory) Western Electric led in developing audio tech for telephones, cinemas and more alongside playing a major role in developing high-fidelity sound in the pre-solid-state era.

Western Electric 91E in black

It made amps considered cutting-edge in their day, including the single-ended triode (SET) 91A back in 1936 and created the 300B audio valve. Having resumed 300B production in 2020, the new 91E integrated valve amplifier follows the legacy of the 91A incorporating a 300B tube set.

Made in Rossville, Georgia, the 91A  combines vintage styling with modern features including a colour display and the brand’s fully linear SCCS (Steered Constant Current Source) circuitry.

Inputs include four line-level sets of RCAs plus an MM/MC phono input and Bluetooth.

The Western Electric 91A integrated amplifier costs £16,998 in black or champagne gold and £18,500 in premium nickel finish. Its 300B valves are also available separately.

Find out more at Western Electric and Absolute Sounds in the UK.


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