Wilson Sasha V feature

Excellence evolved

Wilson Audio has announced the latest evolution of its Sasha loudspeaker with the Sasha V, hand crafted in Provo, Utah.

With a lineage tracing back to the WATT/Puppy launched way back in 1985, this new model is bang up up to date thanks to added tech developed for the Alexx V and Alexia V models, that see it replace the outgoing Sasha DAW.

Wilson Sasha V

Its instantly recognisable modular design features separate upper and lower enclosures for the treble/midrange and bass drivers, with the former featuring Wilson’s Convergent Synergy Carbon treble driver and AlNiCo QuadraMag midrange driver.

The lower enclosure packs a pair of 20.3cm bass drivers, flanked by side walls which are 25% thicker than the Sasha DAW’s.

Wilson Sasha V detail

The cabinets are built from the company’s proprietary, ultra-vibration-resistant X-material and S-material composites, with strategically nested V-material alongside V-Cable internal wiring and AudioCapX-WA capacitors.

Priced at a cool £53,998 per pair in a range of WilsonGloss colour options with premium and custom colours available on request, find out more at Wilson Audio and Absolute Sounds in the UK.


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