Estelon Extreme Mk II

Extreme measures

Estonian loudspeaker specialist Estelon has announced its latest creation in the form of its Extreme Mk II flagship.

Hot on the heels of its Classic series gaining Mk II status and its new Forza Anniversary Edition, the Extreme Mk II boasts everything that Chief Designer and Co-founder Alfred Vassilkov has learned during his 35 year tenure. The two-module design stands over two meters tall with a height adjustable upper section that’s also isolated from the lower cabinet’s external vibrations.

Estelon Extreme Mk II

Offered in two-tone high-gloss Midnight Opera, Bronze Royale, Lunar Eclipse, and Nordic Emerald its design is void of parallel walls to minimise unwanted resonances.

The loudspeaker’s air-moving hardware includes a 168mm ceramic membrane midrange driver with Accuton CELL technology and a25 mm diamond membrane Accuton tweeter.

Visit Estelon’s website to find out more.



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