Wharfedale Dovedale

From the Peaks

Longstanding loudspeaker brand Wharfedale is continuing to celebrate its rich history with the launch of its reborn Dovedale speaker, the latest model to be released as part of its Heritage Series.

First born in 1965 and named after a valley in England’s Peak District, the original model started life as a two way design, before morphing into three way territory and various updated models across its lifespan.

This new model takes its inspiration from 1971’s Dovedale 3 but with a taller,  wider and considerably deeper cabinet.

Wharfedale Dovedale on stands

The air moving hardware has also been brought bang up to date and features a 10in (25cm) bass and offset 5in (13cm) midrange driver both formed from Kevlar, alongside a 25mm fabric-dome tweeter a ceramic magnet.

Wharfedale’s Dovedale will be available in from March costing £5,000 per pair, plus £800 per pair for matching stands.

Find out more at wharfedale.co.uk.


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