Karma-AV is adding the Perlisten Audio range of loudspeakers and subwoofers to its product line-up.

Founded in 2016 and based in Verona, Wisconsin USA, Perlisten Audio has manufacturing sites across the US, Denmark and China.

Unlike many, the brand boasts over five years of advanced in-house development of transducers, electronics and software with nothing sourced off-the-shelf or contract manufactured outside the company’s production facilities. Perlisten’s proprietary tech includes its Directivity Pattern Control (DPC) array with wave-guided 28mm Beryllium dome tweeter and twin 28mm ‘Textreme’ Poly Carbon mid-range diaphragms, engineered in a single unit with a range of 1 to 30kHz.

Perlisten’s DPC is at work in the company’s latest Signature ‘S’ loudspeaker range of which includes the S7 4-way Tower, S7 Centre model, 3-way stand-mount, S5 Monitor, 3-way S4s angled surround/height/LCR design and the S4b bookshelf speaker.

Perlisten Audio is also the first brand in the world to receive THX Dominus Certification, bridging the gap between large home theatre speakers and those used in cinemas worldwide.

Perlisten speaker exploded

Prices range from £18,300 for a pair of Ebony S7t, £8,100 for the flagship D215s subwoofer and £4,500 pair for the R4b model.

Read more about Perlisten’s story and view its products on Karma AV’s website.