Like its moniker, Gryphon amplifiers are the stuff of mythical legend. So when the Danish company chooses to release a trio of no-compromise amps it tends to create quite a stir in hi-end hifi circles.

Gryphon Apex

Apex power amps

Up first are the Apex stereo and mono Class A power amps, built around a cost-no-object design. The mono features no less than 64 high-current bipolar output transistors and two 2,000VA toroidal transformers in each of its constrained layer damped chassis, delivering 1,800RMSW into 1ohm via its ‘Green bias’ technologies, to help reduce actual power consumption.

Gryphon Commander preamp and PSU

Commander preamp

Of course behind every top flight power amp, sits a partnering pre that’s fit the the game. Step forward the Commander with its dual-Mono layout with separate chassis for signal and power supply circuitry. It also features and a single-ended Class A input buffer to ensure the musical signal passes through minimal electrical components alongside a pair of fully discrete, linear power supplies, to feed each channel’s analog circuit, with a third dedicated to the digital circuitry.

Anticipated prices

Apex Stereo Power Amplifier: 82.500 EUR
Apex Mono Power Amplifier: 165.000 EUR/Pair
Commander Preamplifier including Commander PSU: 52.500 EUR
StandArt Apex Amplifier Stand: 6.500 EUR

Find out more at Gryphon Audio’s website.