Marking almost 20 years since it first burst on the high-end audio scene, California’s Magico is set to release what looks to be one of the standout speakers of 2024.

The new M7 draws heavily on the no-compromise tech of the brand’s flagship M9 model (with its no compromise £1 million nudging price tag).

Standing at 164cm tall and weighing nearly a quarter of a tonne, the M7 is fashioned from a monocoque carbon fibre shell with aluminium baffles, damped using aerospace composites.

Magico M7

A beryllium treble unit is on high frequency delivery duties while five Gen 8 Nano-Tec bass, midbass and midrange drivers combine to cover the mid and lower frequency ranges. And with a price tag of £450k, you know its performance will be equally high reaching.

Find out more at Magico loudspeakers and Absolute Sounds in the UK.