Monitor Audio Hyphn


Monitor Audio Group has unveiled its new new flagship loudspeaker.

Described as ‘the shape of genius’, Hyphn is the most powerful loudspeaker Monitor Audio has ever produced and represents the pinnacle of the company’s design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, with a nod to its future direction.

With its name derived from the ‘hyphen’ to represent a link connecting two separate structures, it mirrors the loudspeaker’s construction that’s been three years in the works.

At the heart of Hyphn is the ‘M-Array’, comprised of a single high-frequency transducer surrounded by half a dozen 2″ midrange drivers. The transducer adopts a new third-generation Micro Pleated Diaphragm III (MPD III), based on the same technology that’s featured in the range-topping Platinum Series 3G floorstander, while the midrange drivers feature Monitor Audio’s Rigid Diaphragm Technology III (RDT III) cones, introduced in 2022.

The M-Array is located between Hyphn’s twin pillars, each of which house a pair of 8″ bass drivers, which face inwards in a force-cancelling configuration to null vibration, sporting large diameter underhung voice-coils to reduce harmonic distortion.

Hyphen’s cabinet is thermoformed from precision-milled mineral and acrylic stone for rigidity, with built-in port tubes, strengthening ribs and bracing.

Costing a cool £70,000, Hyphn is available in pure satin white, matte black and matte heritage finishes.

Find out more at Monitor Audio.


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