Russ Andrews X Block MKII

New kit on the block

Russ Andrews has unfurled its latest mains outlets range in the guise of the MKII X Blocks.

Building on the original models, the MKII versions include a female IEC outlet, to allow daisy-chaining of additional X-Blocks, alongside a new grounding terminal, adding the extra benefits of the Russ Andrews’ Grounding System.

This dedicated terminal is designed to route unwanted RF noise away from your system’s casework and can be used as either a designated connection to earth from a Russ Andrews RF Router or SuperRouter output (using the mains earth as the final path to ground) or connected to an input on the RF Router/SuperRouter, where an external earth rod is used to integrate into a Russ Andrews’ Grounding System.

X Block MKII input

Like the original version of the X Block (which we reviewed in November ’23), the MKII features a built in Silencer mains filter plus Russ Andrews’ SuperClamp surge protection technology.

The Silencer circuit is designed to provide a quiet zone around the hi-fi equipment’s mains supply, by suppressing interference on the mains from devices including refrigerators and cheap switched-mode power supplies and charges by employing a parallel circuit, to avoid introducing components into the direct path of the mains supply.

MKII X Blocks detail

Manufactured from impact and fire-resistant ABS plastic and internally wired with high quality Kimber Kable TCX mains cabling, the new blocks feature high-performance UltraSockets with Deep Cryogenic Treatment (DCT).

DeoxIT treated, nickel-plated, high surface-area contacts are also fitted throughout the range to ensure the best possible connection.

The MkII X Block is available in two, four or six way variants and all are supplied with the Russ Andrews 60 Day Home Trial Money Back Guarantee

The X2 Block Mk11 costs £260, with the X4 Block MkII costing £390 and the X6 Block MkII priced at £520. Visit to find out more.


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