Chord PowerARAY Professional

Pure filter

Chord Company has expanded its noise-reducing power devices with its new PowerARAY plug-type device and PowerARAY Professional.

The PowerARAY plug-type is designed to be plugged into unused mains sockets, on walls or distribution blocks, adjacent to sockets used to power an audio system. It works by providing a low-impedance ‘escape route’ for high-frequency noise to reduce noise entering the system.

Chord PowerARAY plug-type

PowerARAY Professional is based on the same principles as PowerARAY with a larger capacity case, damping isolation feet and a captive power cable from Chord Company’s premium Signature, Sarum or ChordMusic collections.

With no current flowing through it, PowerARAY works in parallel to the power with filtering applied to the live, neutral and earth.

PowerARAY costs £550 with the PowerARAY Professional starting at £5,500 with SignatureX power cable,  £6,000 with SarumT and £7,000 with ChordMusic.

Both are available now with UK, Euro (Shuko) or US connections, find out more at


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