Dora celebrating Record Store Day

Celebrating Record Store Day 2024

Dora, age 14, tells us why she loves collecting vinyl and what’s on her Record Store Day shortlist.


What do you like about collecting vinyl records?

Saving up for the albums I really like. I also enjoy visiting my favourite record shops and having a proper look at all the records they have, and sometimes I get to hear albums I’ve not heard of before.

I also really like looking at the covers that come with the records inside and have started to build my own collection.

What is different about listening to vinyl records, compared to other ways of listening to music?

Putting a record on makes you listen to all the songs on it, so you hear more of a variation of tracks, not just a band’s most famous songs. Some of my favourite songs are now not the ones that were the big hits.

I also really like how vinyl sounds, because it sounds a lot better than streaming music from my phone. I hear more instruments and it’s just much more enjoyable to sit and listen to – which means I listen for longer.

You need to be careful as putting a record on as it’s quite a delicate process, which took me a bit of getting used to!

What record player do you have?

I have a Pro-Ject T1 BT which was a Christmas present. What I like about it is that it can connect to my Bluetooth speaker, so I can listen to vinyl anywhere in the house!

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into vinyl?

I think if you are getting into vinyl you should go to second hand shops as well as the main record shops, as you can save a lot of money and find some great music.


What are you hoping to collect this Record Store Day?

The release I really want is Olivia Rodrigo & Noah Kahan’s Stick Season and Lacy from the Radio 1’s Live Lounge. I’d also love to get Live at SoFi Stadium by The Weeknd.

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