Rotel A11MKII in silver

Tantilizing trio

Fresh from Japan, Rotel has announced not one but three updated models within its great value 14 Series line up, which includes the A10MKII and A11MKII integrated amps and CD11MKII CD player.

All three models benefit from upgrades to their critical components and circuit topology for extra resolution and detail. And let’s not forget the A11MKII and CD11MKII both stem from Rotel’s Tribute Series, co-engineered with the late great Ken Ishiwata.

Rotel A10MKII

At £549, new A10MKII amp features 67 component upgrades within its power and amplifier gain stages. A Class AB design, it offers 50W on tap per stereo channel into 8 ohms and packs a moving-magnet phono stage plus three RCA analog inputs and a 3.5mm headphone output alongside separate bass, treble and balance controls.

Rotel A11MKII internals

The A11MKII ups the anti at £699 with aptXTM HD and AAC Bluetooth connectivity feeding a Texas Instruments PCM5102A 32-bit/384kHz DAC, which can also be accessed via coaxial and optical inputs.

Rotel CD11MKII

On the source side, at £549 the CD11MKII CD player boasts more than 10 critical components upgrades in its digital circuits over its predecessor,  surrounding the same TI PCM5102A 32-bit/384kHz DAC with a coaxial output, allowing the unit to also be used as a CD transport.

All models are available in both black and silver finishes, find out more at


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