Rotel Diamond Series

Say it with diamonds

Rotel is continuing to mark its 60th anniversary with two new products as part of its Diamond Series.

The models include the DT-6000 DAC Transport and RA-6000 integrated amplifier, both sharing styling that marries modern engineering with the brand’s traditional heritage.

Rotel DT-6000

The DT-6000 DAC transport employs an eight channel ESS Sabre ES9028PRO digital to analog converter, configured to four mono channels per stereo side and feeding custom engineered fully balanced differential output filters, powered by a bespoke shielded toroidal transformer.

With support for MQA and DSD alongside PCM up to 32-bit/384kHz plus a traditional CD drawer, it ticks many digital boxes.

Rotel RA-6000

The RA-6000 amp claims a genuine 350 watts into 4 ohm loads with internal design cues taken from the brand’s flagship Michi models. Inputs include ten spread over coaxial, optical, line-level and balanced analogue, alongside MQA and Bluetooth HD support. Vinyl fans haven’t been left wanting either, thanks to a moving magnet phono stage.

Both models come in black and silver finishes, with the RA-6000 costing £3,999 and the DT-6000 priced at £1,999. Find out more at

Family affair

Founded in Tokyo by Mr. Tomoki Tachikawa 1961, Rotel has been directed and managed by his family ever since. Find out more about Rotel’s history.


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