Vertere XtraX

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Vertere Acoustics, the company spearheaded by vinyl guru Touraj Moghaddam, has launched its latest pick-ups with the XtraX moving-coil (MC) and Dark Sabre moving-magnet (MM) models.

Vertere XtraX

Go the XtraX mile

The XtraX takes a step up from Vertere’s Mystic MC model in every area with a lower tip mass, stiffer, faster telescopic cantilever and generator formed from a Samarium-Cobalt magnet and low mass cross coil in a time-constant magnetic, known internally as ‘Direct Drive’.

Its stylus tip is a Nude Micro Elliptical single crystal diamond with a square shank assembly helping generate a wideband frequency response of below 10Hz up to 45kHz and an output of 0.45mV.

Resplendant in funky hard anodised purple finish to its rigid CNC machined aluminium shell, it costs £5,800.

Vertere Dark Sabre

Dark side

Acknowledging the flagship designs of the past (which are still highly regarded today, including Shure’s V15 III which set the standard for high compliance pick-ups) the The Dark Sabre is billed as a hi-end MM design that costs £1,450.

Sporting a single crystal, nude micro elliptical diamond stylus tip on a square shank assembly that’s attached to a dual aluminium telescopic cantilever, the Dark Sabre sits above the standard Sabre and also features a CNC precision machined alloy body, this time in anodised black.

Its low-mass generator uses an Alnico magnet working with a low-mass cross coil made of pure virgin copper wires, that’s mounted via a ‘Quad-Point Contact’ with four stainless spike screws for optimum support. Frequency response is a claimed sub 14Hz to above 28kHz with an output of 4.3mV.

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