Vertere Acoustics has been on a mission to push the vinyl replay envelope ever since it launched a few years back.

And now it’s brought a range of updates to its DG-1 player with every details revisited, taking it to S status. The upgrades include an improved platter bearing, with higher tolerances that have statistically halved the variations to its Tungsten Carbide interference fit ball, resulting in lower noise and rumble.

Vertere Groove Runner S tonearm

Its matching Groove Runner S tonearm is constructed from a five-layer polymer laminate that’s bonded to a second five-layer polymer laminate with improved profiling of the arm and bearing for better alignment. The tonearm’s bearings have also been reworked, with its vertical Kevlar thread now sporting adjustments for tension and azimuth while the horizontal nylon thread has also been redesigned for greater precision.

And that’s not all, as new software for its fully programmable copper/stainless steel shielded motor drive allows for separate adjustment in two steps for the sine and cosine wave to control its low voltage 24 pole precision synchronous motor.

Vertere DG-1 S turntable rear

It’s distinctive looking triple sandwich cast acrylic main and sub plinth structure remains, but with improved coupling and newly designed adjustable feet with resistive felt pads.

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