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iFi Audio has released the latest versions of its award winning ZEN DAC and phono stage compact add-ons with refreshed designs.


ZEN DAC 3 rear panel

Named the ZEN DAC 3 and ZEN Phono 3, highlighting their updated status, the revised DAC boasts ultra-res audio support up to 768kHz PCM and 515 DSD, plus full MQA decoding and a USB-C input.

ZEN Phono 3

While for the ZEN Phono 3 a new intelligent subsonic filter is brought in to remove LP warp noise without removing low end audio.

Settings include 36-72dB of gain plus loading and capacitance (100 & 200pF). options for both moving magnet (47k ohm) and moving coil cartridges.

The iFi ZEN DAC 3 costs £229, with the ZEN Phono 3 at £249.

Find out more at iFi Audio.


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