Mission 778X in silver

Future Mission

Almost 40 years on from the launch of its renowned 778 amp, longstanding loudspeaker specialist Mission has launched its successor, the 778X.

While retaining much of the original’s half width design aesthetic, the new model is fully spec’d for today’s music fans with a 45W Class AB amp plus USB, coaxial and optical digital inputs, alongside two level level and one turntable (moving-magnet) analogue input. And if you want to connect without the wires, there’s also aptX Bluetooth on offer.

Mission 778X rear panel

Priced at £549 in black or silver, it can also be purchased as part of a bundle with the brand’s LX-2 MkII speakers at £649 all in, or Mission’s QX-2 MkII at £799 for the package.

Find out more at mission.co.uk.


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