Audiolab Omnia

Get ready for Omnia

Launching this December, Audiolab has unveiled its answer to how to build an all-in-one system for audio fans. Almost forty years after the brand wrote the blueprint for affordable, powerful integrated amps with its 8000a, its new Omnia is designed to make a similar impression on the integrated hifi market.

Offering a CD player, moving magnet turntable input and hi-res network streaming inside its aluminium carcass, this is designed as a just add speakers plug and play solution.

Audiolab Omnia front panel

Omnia’s 4.3in colour screen can be set to range of displays, including digital or analogue style VU meters

Connectivity includes dual-band WiFi, Ethernet and Bluetooth 5 streaming up to 24-bit/192kHz alongside USB and S/PDIF digital inputs, handled by an a 32-bit ES9038Q2M Sabre DAC chip supporting PCM audio up to 32-bit/768kHz and DSD to 22.5MHz (DSD512). It’s also Roon tested and offers full MQA decoding.

Audiolab Omnia rear panel

A host of connections for digital and analogue share panel space with WiFi and Bluetooth aerials. Analogue and digital outputs allow the Omnia to be integrated into a bigger system

On the analogue side three line-level inputs join a JFET circuit based phono stage to ensure vinyl lovers are equally well served. Headphone fans haven’t been forgotten either, thanks to a front-mounted 6.3mm socket that’s fed by its own dedicated internal amp.

The Omnia comes in black or silver with a price tag of £1,599. Visit for more info.


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