Vivid Audio and the UK’s Sound Design Distribution have joined forces to announce one or the world’s most ultra hi-end loudspeakers, the Vivid Audio Moya M1.

Designed to demonstrate how extending a speaker’s bass response also improves the perception of its higher frequency bands, the Moya M1 is hand-manufactured entirely in-house from Vivid’s signature carbon-reinforced sandwich composite material.

A five-way, design it sports no less than 13 drive units and four extensively braced bass enclosures, each with aerodynamically optimised reaction-cancelling ports.

Vivid Audio Mola M1 front on

Each module houses two proprietary C225-100H, 225mm alloy diaphragm woofers arranged in a horizontally opposed configuration, with their magnets united by a steel tie-bar, to eliminate cabinet vibration and minimise internal turbulence.

Equipped with 100mm voice coils in a 45mm gap rare-earth radial magnet system, the eight side-firing C225s are complemented by two front-firing C175-76, 175mm carbon fibre reinforced mid-bass drivers and a C100SCu, 100mm carbon-fibre reinforced midrange unit.

Vivid Audio Moya M1 side on

A D50DLC 50mm ‘Diamond-Like Coated’ aluminium alloy upper midrange dome and a D26DLC ‘Diamond-Like Coated’ 26mm aluminium alloy tweeter completes the air-moving hardware.

With an anticipated retail price of £400,000, the Moya M1 is distinctly aimed at the chosen few.

Visit Vivid Audio and Sound Design Distribution in the UK to find out more.